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Paintball is a sport suited for all who enjoy a little bit of excitement. In paintball, success is not hindered by age or gender. In a nutshell, the game’s idea is to hit the opposing team players with paintballs, eliminating them from the game. Flags are also often used as targets, to be snatched from the opponent while simultaneously protecting one’s own. “Paint” shares many qualities with popular childhood games, such as Capture the Flag.

Paintball differs from other sports in regard to “shooting” one’s friends. This stalking of an opponent and imagined feeling of danger when getting shot at is what stimulates people’s imagination and gives the body such an adrenaline rush that everyone can forget about everything else and focus totally on the game to bring oneself and one’s team to victory. Slightly livelier than computer games, you would say.

To enjoy and be good at paintball, you don’t have to be a top athlete, but every player can emphasize those areas of the game they are good in. Some learn fast to shoot accurately, others can move around in the field fast or unnoticeably. Some are good at planning team tactics whereas others can already give advice to other players on the field.

The game can be played in a forest, urban fields or even in indoor halls and for competitions, on even grass fields. There is something for everybody. Different fields emphasize different aspects of the game and are all worth a try. It will hardly get boring, not during dense and fast indoor hall games or slightly slower-tempo games on vast outdoor fields.

There are also paintball competitions on the national, division and individual tournament levels. The modern competitive paintball is rather different from the leisurely game, but there are also similarities.

Paintball is excellently suited for e.g. a group of friends on a summer cottage stay; it can be tried out at company events or used to throw a friend a memorable bachelor(ette) party. The possibilities are endless, and this page gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the sport, so dig in!

You can reach us handily either by email or by phone +358 102354931. You can also contact us with the form on the Contact page.

You can reach us handily either by email or by phone +358 102354931. You can also contact us with the form on the Contact page.