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Special program events for every taste – for companies, bachelor(ette) parties, celebrations

Rodeo bull

The mechanical Rodeo Bull spins and bounces the rider in different directions. Choice between different difficulty levels.  The rodeo bull is sure to raise both the rider and the roof, while spectators cheer along.

Bouncy Boxing

Bouncy Boxing offers you the possibility to blow off steam in an inflatable, soft boxing ring. The ring has an area 7 x 7 m and is ca. 2 m high. The boxers wear a soft helmet and prepare for a bouncy boxing match with giant boxing gloves. Finally the bell rings! The winner is clear in these sports, and the audience will surely warm up cheering for their favorite for a KO. This program is excellently suited for e.g. company parties, outdoor events, large indoor events and large restaurants.

Ball party

We will decorate the restaurant/party location filled to the brim with different balls. The main prop consists of different balloons that can be found on the floors as well as the ceiling. We will also bring in a ball pit, filled with the familiar plastic bubbles. The evening’s Dj/host makes the customers compete in different ball-themed games, with the help of the ball party girl.

Foam party

A giant foam bath on the dance floor, that’s what a foam party is all about! This special program has achieved massive success around Finland, especially among youngsters. The foam makes the audience wild and they will party till the end.

Sumo wrestling

This incredible traditional Japanese sport is now available as a funny restaurant version. The competitors are dressed in giant, soft sumo outfits, giving them the size and look of genuine sumo wrestlers. Wrestling is done on a 4 x 4 m soft sumo wrestling mat. The sport is not violent, but good-humored fun. You won’t see many frowns around the wrestling mat, when the grown-ups in their puffy suits are pushing each other around and tumbling over now and then. Sumo wrestling is not only fun for adults, but also suited for children, e.g. at fairs or to spice up a summer market. The wrestling can be organized as general fun or a tongue-in-cheek competition where the best competitor is crowned as the local champion.


This competition doesn’t lack momentum. Action-packed situations, dangerous passes, smell of tires and fast lap times. Experience the all-evening formula flush in your restaurant. We will bring in a genuine mini-formula and decorate the restaurant to fit the theme. We will set up a promotional pit stop booth where service is in the hands of a beautiful pit girl.

Strongman competitions

Time to find out who is the strongest man in the hood! Hidden muscles won’t take you far in these sports, but you can always give it a try… During the evening, the search is on for the town’s strongest man and woman. The first test of strength is log holding. The competition continues with the traditional “crucifix”. The third test is the clincher – a tug of war to find out the finalists. The rope won’t slip from people’s hands because they will be wearing a special rope-pulling harness. Once everyone’s arms are completely drained of strength after these sports, it is time to see who the best arm wrestler is. For this, we will supply a genuine arm wrestling bench. An MC with knowledge about the sports hosts the whole evening.

Erotic program events:

Ladies night

Ladies Night is an erotic night aimed at women, also bringing in men. The early evening can be carried out with the principle “girls only”, where only women are allowed into the restaurant. Hyping is done by a professional host who is in charge of the evening going smoothly.

A topless male waiter will sell e.g. the night’s special drink which he can serve with the help of a shot belt. As the night progresses, the topless boy will take off all his clothes except for the bare minimum and women can use him as a body painting canvas, painting him with finger paint. The main act of the night is an experienced male stripper and his striptease show. When men are let in, the women have achieved full speed and the evening keeps getting better, for the performers will perform again later in the night with another show. The act lasts all through the night. The program schedule for the night is composed separately for each restaurant.

Night of the laces

Night of the laces is an all-night erotic event. The evening includes bare skin both for women and men.  Naughty and erotic competitions, hosted by a professional MC who also takes care of the night’s music.

There is also a female striptease show, sure to get the men’s attention.

During the night, customers can visit our sales counter for some equipment to spice up their relationship or a friend’s lonely nights. They can also purchase erotic videos and DVDs as well as small novelty gifts.

Erotic festival

The erotic festival is now hotter and wetter than ever. The customers are served by a sex shop selling the field’s latest magazines, DVDs, equipment and clothes. Erotic films are continuously shown in the restaurant’s TVs.

This festival also includes a so-called interactive striptease. During it, a man is chosen from the audience who gets to direct the “actions” of one or two women. One of the most popular shows is the Lesbian Nurse show. In it, two strippers dressed as nurses perform a show that will be talked about for a long time. They do everything. Nothing is sacred to these sisters. A male stripper provides fun and flushes for the women. He is dressed as a maintenance man. When the overall comes off and he needs “maintenance help” from the women around, the atmosphere is tangibly hot.

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